Education Philosophy

NigerianTulip International Schools education philosophy provides the educational administrators and teachers with the right vision which guides them to attain the educational objectives needed for its students efficiently. In Nigerian Tulip International Schools, we believe in creating a suitable and conducive environment for our students to learn and strive in. It is our belief that, a combination of  theoretical and practical approach to teaching, is one of the most efficient way of transmitting knowledge to our students, using a curriculum of high standard focused on science oriented subjects as a guide.
It is with this belief that we strive to make available high quality classrooms for theoretical learning, and provide modern laboratory and social clubs for our students to practice what they have learned in class.
Students need to be able to excel in other areas of life such as sports, cultural activities and leadership. Social clubs and sport facilities available in the school serve as spaces to develop such skills. Excursion activities and competitions, both national and international  are also organized to enable our students to experience other cultures and show their skills to the rest of the world.