First Surat Group is a company whose main investment is in the area of education and health and whose objective is geared towards building human resources and raising responsible individuals who are equipped with necessary skills and knowledge of the contemporary world. The company is well aware of the importance of education in transforming individuals and societies for a brighter future. This is also one of the main agenda of the Federal Government of Nigeria. Since the company and Federal government are sharing the common goal on this ground, the advancement and growth of the company have been exceptional. Meanwhile, the company has consistently employed quality staff and placed a meticulous emphasis on molding the students to excel both in academics and morals. Thus, the outcome of the efforts have blossomed into many success stories. All these fruits have resulted in admiration and acceptance by the public in the years passed. 
The First Surat Group of companies choose these areas to invest in not because the returns in profit is high but for the reason of building a society of people who will be able to build and uphold Nigeria and take this nation to a higher level in the global arena. Since its beginning, the group of companies has been reinvesting virtually all its profit back into the business in order to give the best services to the people of Nigeria. 
The company started its activities in a rented building with only fourteen students in Abuja in 1998. Following its nonprofit making policies with a veiw to growing better human and modest life standards of its administrators, in only 19 years of her existence, the company has grown into a formidable enterprise with the following branches: Nigerian Tulip International Colleges, Galaxy University Preparatory Center, Nile University, Nizamiye Hospital, Vefa Tourism  and NTIC Foundation.
First Surat Group brought her investments from Turkey which financed the schools popularly known as Nigerian Tulip international Colleges which currently has a total number of 16 educational institutions located in Abuja, Kano, Lagos, Kaduna, Yobe and Ogun states with staff strength of over 1000 academic and non-academic personnel. Today, NTIC has a total of 4025 students in which 17 percent of them are on scholarship. NTIC is science oriented schools which focuses on building knowledge based on core moral values which our modern society is in dire need of.

NTIC has been awarded as the best and top school by National Mathematical Centre (NMC) and the Ministry of Education in Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Information Communication Technology (ICT).

The CEO of NMC, Prof. Solarin together with the State Minister of Education awarded NTIC as the best and top school of 2013 and 2014 in Science and Maths subjects.

The State Minister of Education commended the NTIC community on their outstanding achievements in Nigeria. Prof. Solarin expressed his joy in collaborating with NTIC.