The NTIC School library could best be described as a repository and custodian of knowledge and information. There is abundant availability of resource materials in the library. It has books with up to date content, covering various subject areas. It contains numerous reference books which touch on history, religion, ethics, morality, sciences and self development books among others.    
The NTIC School library has educative and entertaining books for students, teachers and visitors. The library is comfortable, spacious and well ventilated, properly organized with well arranged seats and tables, facilitating movement within the library. The books are well organised in shelves to make book search easy. It is always kept neat and well equipped with modern facilities. The walls are painted with beautiful bright colours, decorated with notable quotes which have good psychological effect on students.
The library is constantly open for students and it is located at a strategic place in the school which makes it accessible to students at any time. The library is managed by an experienced librarian who educates students on library ethics and how to use a library.