Olympiad Studies

The Nigerian Tulip International Colleges is the pioneer organizer of the International Science Olympiad (ISO); an international competition in science subjects of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Computer and Biology with participating countries drawn from more than 20 countries around the world. The competition creates an international atmosphere where students from different countries interact and share their experiences and cultural values.

NTIC represents Nigeria as an ambassador in the field of education in international arena. The Nigerian Tulip International Colleges have demonstrated that Nigeria can take the leading role in Africa and the world by organizing the International Science Olympiad. During the event, Nigeria also emerged as the best national team in ISO 2013 held in Abuja at the Nile University of Nigeria, Abuja. In the same year, Nile University of Nigeria took over the organization and planning of ISO. In 2013, Federal Ministry of education, Nigeria has also decided to partner with Nile University and NTIC, in the organization of this prestigious competition. 

The new students (JSS1) of NTIC are given a period of 2 months for them to get used to the learning environment in NTIC. After the first term first examinations, an Olympiad Selection Examination is given to all JSS1 students. Considering the Olympiad Selection Examination results and the 1st exam results, 8 to 12 students are selected to Olympiad Group in all branches of NTIC. 
These selected students are given 4 periods of weekly Olympiad Lessons after the closing time. Three Olympiad Camps are held in a year; once after the end of each term. Until the Second Olympiad Camp, students are only given Olympiad Lessons in Mathematics. 
During the Second Olympiad Camp, students are given 4 Mathematics, 2 Physics, 2 Biology and 2 periods of Chemistry Lessons daily. At the end of the camp, students are to write Olympiad Exams in each subject. Apart from this, students are asked to write their preferences among these Olympiad subjects. Considering both the results of the examinations and their preferences, students are shared into 4 categories: 
  • Mathematics-Informatics
  • Physics
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
Students are to continue in their respective Olympiad Groups all along their Olympiad Life. Until the end of JSS3, students in Mathematics-Informatics Group are given 4 periods of Mathematics Olympiad Lessons and 2 periods of Informatics Olympiad Lessons weekly. From the beginning of SS1, students in Mathematics-Informatics Olympiad Group are shared into two groups; Mathematics or Informatics.