Online Tutorial


The unprecedented educational disruption caused by Coronavirus pandemic since the 23rd of March, 2020, has made the Nigerian Tulip International Colleges to create an online educational platform for its students. We believe online is the way forward at this time.

NTIC has developed various educational facilities to accommodate all the subjects and syllabus that each student is expected to cover by the end of the session. Our teachers are ready to take the students through the learning process while in the confines of their various homes.

To inspire a child, one has to get into the world of a child. All learning facilities during the online classes has been scheduled to make learning more fascinating, enjoyable and also to produce the expected results. During the online classes, both summative and formative evaluation will be executed.

Parents and students will be contacted for the timetable and the process through which the online learning will take place. The e-learning classes will start with an assessment section on 17th of April, 2020 for all our students. While the various class activities will be starting on the 20th of April, 2020, online. The link for online learning and the password will be supplied. The classroom may be empty but learning can still go on.

Junior Secondary School Timetable

Senior Secondary School Timetable






28th of April, 2020.

Dear Parents/ Guardians,


Since the World Health Organization declared the outbreak of the coronavirus to be a pandemic, the world has been in a state of emergency. The drastic measures taken by the affected countries to contain this pandemic underline the seriousness of the situation – for societies, the economy, and every individual.

As one of the leading private schools in Nigeria, we too are following the current developments with concern. Our thoughts are particularly with all those directly affected, because the illness and especially the loss of a loved one of course far outweighs any other things. Our top priority in these times is the protection of our students and staff. So, we hope that all students and parents stay at home and are safe.

We would like to notify our dear parents that our online tutorials which started on the 20th of April, 2020 is not scheduled to replace the 3rd term calendar for the 2019/2020 academic session of the school. The purpose of online tutorials is to keep our students learning and engaged while staying in the confines of their various homes during this Coronavirus pandemic.

Based on FCTA Education Secretariat directives on the closing of schools during this Covid-19 Pandemic, the resumption of schools is until further notice and 2nd term activities have been declared inconclusive as well. NTIC online tutorials are to keep our students engaged and accountable during this period.

We are not resuming for 3rd term yet until we resume physically or a further directive is given by FCTA Education Secretariat for schools to resume. In this regard, all activities related to the 3rd term are also on hold until further notice. NTIC, therefore, is using the space of time available for our students at this period, for proper equipping on their academics; while we are all staying safe.

It is important we keep hope alive at this trying moment. We hereby encourage our dear parents to constantly ensure that their children stay safe at home and they stay learning. Also, we will love our amiable parents to ensure that their children are connected for every online tutorial, following the timetable and submitting the given assignment as at when due.

We sincerely pray that this challenging season will end soon and we will all return to our normal life. We intend to serve you more at this time and always keep our students up to national and international standards. Thanks for your usual cooperation.

Yours sincerely,

School Management