·         To act as good examples to all other pupils in terms of attitude and behaviour, uniform, punctuality and attendance.

·         To represent all at Nigerian Tulip International Colleges in promoting the good name of the school in and around school and in the community.

·         To uphold the school rules and Learning Charter and help to see that others do the same.

·         To help maintain the smooth running of the school by assuming the following responsibilities:


1.      Completing a duty according to the Break and Lunchtime Duty Rota, to a good standard by, being punctual and dealing with pupils and adults in a mature manner.

2.      Representing the school at school events and functions, e.g. Open Day, Parents’ Evenings.

3.      Representing a link between the pupils and staff at the school.


·            To wear their Prefect Badges at all times in school and make arrangements to replace them if lost.

·            To realize that Prefects may have their status taken away if they do not fulfil the above requirements.

·            School Prefects will be allowed into school lunch first, provided Prefect Badges are worn.

·            Successful School Prefects will receive a certificate on leaving school.

·            The Head Boy and Head Girl will carry out additional duties with reference to the organization and they   will undertake any other duties at the discretion of the Heads.




·            Prefects should bring their planner to their duty and obtain staff signature to confirm that duties are completed by the guidance and counsellor.

·            Form Tutors will check duty logs whilst checking planners and inform Guidance and counsellor of those not keeping a log of duties.






Impeachment Procedure:

·         Prefects who do not carry out their responsibilities should be reported to guidance and counsellor, who will pass on recommendations for badges to be taken away, from the prefects.

Selection Procedure:

·         Prefects will be selected by all Guidance and counselling committee on the basis of the following criteria:


1.      The pupils have fulfilled all the criteria for being a prefect.

2.      They have fulfilled the additional criteria of Leadership Qualities, Communication Skills and Responsibility.