The Right Environment For Learning


The Philosophy of Nigerian Tulip International Colleges (NTIC) on the Use of Laboratories In the Teaching-learning Process.

The school was founded with the vision of providing appropriate and adequate curricular and functional science oriented education of international standard. According to the educational Philosopher, John Dewey, Children learn by doing and  by seeing believe. When a student practises, such a student hardly forgets.   A science laboratory is used to assess the students’ skills in computations or problem solving, predictions and accuracy, measurement, and time observance. Many experienced teachers believe that laboratory activity is at the very heart of science instruction. Throughout the process, students have opportunities to design investigation, engage in scientific reasoning, manipulate equipment, record data, analyze results, and discuss their findings. These skills and knowledge, fostered by laboratory investigations, are important part of inquiry—the process of asking questions and conducting experiments as a way to understand the natural world.

The situation is not different in Art. Here, teachers are able to pay personal attention to all the students at the same time. Using the digital Language Lab Software helps our teachers to overcome the problems and limitations in classrooms. Each student is given a personalized assistance in enhancing their communication skills. Communicative skills are imparted with efficiency and precision from the pre- recorded lessons. This helps the students in rectifying their erratic pronunciation. Continuous repetition of the correct pronunciation provides new horizons in communication.

Nigerian Tulip International College (NTIC) has laboratories of international standard. The school has Chemistry lab, Biology lab, Computer lab, Physics lab, Turkish lab, Mathematic lab, Geography lab and English lab. These laboratories are fully equipped with latest scientific materials. They also have projectors and smart boards. These labs are manned by professionals, both locally and internationally hired teachers.  NTIC is a place worth schooling.

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