How our project Won Nigeria silver medal in Kazakhstan

Mr. Erkan Yildirim is the Head of Department of Computer Science, Nigerian Turkish International Colleges (NTIC). In this interview with Mashe Umaru Gwamna, he speaks on how the homemade 3D project designed by students of the Turkish Colleges won Nigeria a silver medal in the Infomatrix Asia-Pacific competition that took place in Kazakhstan, recently.

What is the Infomatrix competition that was recently held in faraway Kazakhstan all about?

Infomatrix Asia-Pacific is an International Computer Competition participated not only from Asia and Pacific but also from all over the world. 315 students from 22 countries participated in the science and innovation project competition with 183 projects. Nigeria was represented by a team from Nigerian Turkish International Colleges in the competition.


Source: PEOPLES DAILY  page 42, 9 May, 2015.

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