How to help Youths Realise Their Eductionak Potentials

By Dalton Chukwuezugo, Nigerian Turkish International School, Wuse Abuja, Nigeria, 11th Grade, SS2.

Young people are assets to the economy of any nation. It is perhaps, not right to view young people as liabilities. Young people can collectively be an asset to development at local, national regional and the international arena.

While some young people are well-positioned to achieve their potentials, a good number are limited by their background. Being young is a transitional phase. It goes with enormous vulnerabilities. More than 100 million adolescents do not attend school. About 15 million adolescent girls become mothers every year. Among mothers under 20, infant mortality rates average 100 deaths per 1000 live births. Among mothers aged 20 to 29, the rate is 72 to 74 deaths per 1000 live births. As if this not enough plights, 6000 young people are infected with HIV every day.


Source: TODAYSIMPACT, 25 May, 2015.

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