NTIC: Driving the study of mathematics in Nigerian schools

Besides being an examination, the Annual National Mathematics Competition organized by the Nigeria Turkish International Colleges (NTIC) in collaboration with National Mathematics Centre, has become a unifying force between the two countries. In this feature, Martin Paul tells.

Education is acclaimed worldwide as a sustained legacy every parent bequeaths on children. That is why it is absolutely the responsibility of parents to give their children the best legacy they could in education.

The people of Turkey, who are championing the good cause of quality education in Nigeria, have as a matter of interest, collaborated with the people of Nigeria to encourage young Nigerian pupils and students in the area of mathematics. The concerted effort was with the National Mathematical Centre, which organized the event that saw a young pupil, Adeoluwa Adetoba, who scored 100 percent to beat 25,400 others, who participated in the nationwide event. He got a gold medal, a desk top computer and a cash prize of N150, 000.

Source: BLUEPRINT, page 36, May 1, 2015. 

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