Thrills, Frills of NTIC’s 2015 Science Fair

The science fair recently organized by the Nigerian Turkish Internationals Colleges (NTIC) was both beautiful and historic as students of the colleges practically demonstrated the effectiveness of various inventions churned out by them, to the admiration of hundreds of participants that turned up for the events. Felix Khanoba recaps the event and its significance in the nation’s educational sector.

The fair, which attracted hundreds of participants from both private and public schools, as well as government agencies in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), did not only serve as a platform for the exhibition of the mind-blowing inventions and projects churned out by NTIC students, but was also a unifying ground for participants from diverse ethnic, religious groups, as evidenced in the interactions, friendliness and atmosphere of conviviality that was at play during the one day event.  


Source: TODAY’S IMPACT, 25 May, 2015.

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