Big Bang Success on Global Maths Challenge!

NTIC Junior Maths Olympiad team recorded success at the fifth edition of Global Math Challenge by ranking among the top 20% in the world and our very own Okezie Chidozie Otutochi Caleb returned with bronze certificates.

What is peculiar about Global Math Challenge is that it is a competition opened to any maths enthusiast across levels and status all over the world. At GMC, a boy of 7 years still in primary school can compete with a 70 years old man. A student can compete with a renowned aeronautic engineer with the same standard. This gives a peek of the nature of GMC.

This year’s GMC attracted 3723 mathematicians across spectrum and three of our students from Abuja Boys and Kano Boys emerged among the top 20% winning bronze medals each.

We congratulate our matheletes and the whole of NTIC family for this success.

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