Connecting Classroom Lessons with Real-Life Experiences

Field trips are an exciting way for children to immerse themselves in education. The world suddenly makes more sense when connecting classroom lessons with real-life experiences and on the 6th, 8th and 9th of November, 2017; our pupils from Abuja, Kano and Lagos schools respectively went on excursions.

In a bid to bring to live the topic treated on waste disposal and waste management, our Abuja primary science department took our pupils to Abuja Environmental Protection Board where they learnt first-hand the process of waste disposal, management and recycling. 

Still in the same vein of connecting classroom lessons with real-life experiences, our Lagos pupils visited Celplas  Industries Nigeria limited, Lagos on the 9th of November, 2017 where they learnt about how a pen is produced from scratch to finish.

Our Kano primary two pupils on the 8th of Nov, 2017 went on excursion to a musical studio to practicalize a topic they recently learnt in music class. They were taught and shown how sounds are produced. They were also introduced to many sound producing instruments and even allowed to touch some of them and try to produce sounds by themselves.

Not only were our pupils exposed to the world of manufacturing, industrialization and sound production, they had the opportunity of asking questions and learning all they.

The excursions gave our pupils educational experiences away from their regular school environment.  

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