At Nigerian Tulip International Colleges, we will be using MAPP career tests for our students henceforth. The MAPP test is aimed at helping our students understand their potential and assist them in choosing the proper subjects that will lead them to a successful career.

The students will be grouped through this test into their various areas of strength, career tendencies, interests and vocational capabilities. They will also be advised to choose their club activities and subjects. Our target is to create self-awareness for our students. We believe that it is crucial for students to find out their career pathway and be psychologically ready at the very beginning of their academic pursuit.

This year, we will start using MAPP tests to assist JSS3 students and their parents to choose Arts or Science classes as they are preparing to progress to the Senior class. NTIC Class Teachers and Career Counsellors will contact you to provide more information on MAPP tests and how to apply the tests.

The word ‘Skill’ usually connotes an achievement in arts whereas, we, define it differently. A skill exists as a result of one's personal traits and interests in a field. Some people have temporary inclinations to do something but what is important is our permanent interests in achieving our goals. What makes an architect successful is their designing talent supported by her/his personal traits.

 It has been accepted in the USA and being applied worldwide now, the 71- Question MAPP career tests, which we will also apply to our students in our school will precisely function as described above. This test finds out what occupation your genetic constitution matches with best.

How can it test your genetic constitution?

This is carried out through personality. One's characteristics and interests are understood by his/her genes. When characteristics and interests are discovered, DNA structure is also understood. There is no external intervention in this test and you cannot figure out what the results will be. After taking the test, you will definitely say "This is me".

Is there an age limitation?

This test can be applied to students from 12years and above. It is also applicable to all Year 9 students.

All our Year 9 students will go through this test. Then, they will be directed to careers fit for their gene test. We would suggest that they should opt to major in a field that suits them and prepare themselves accordingly. For instance, if a student is skilled in a particular field that requires studying Mathematics, no one will question him/her for studying Maths.

There are two basic terms: ‘Inclination and Skills’. A person is inclined to sculpt. When improved, the inclination changes to skill. We don't call that person skilled unless he sculptures. Inclination is like a gene in the body. Skill is like an expression of it.

The results of the test would be shared with teachers and parents. When they know the student more, they can communicate with each other better and reintegrate them into society. Taking advantage of these results, this test can help everyone make a conquest of the students and guide them. When required, this data can be shared with universities so that they can get to know them better and choose students who would fit into their system properly.


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