Minister of Science and Technology Receives NTIC World Medalists

It was with great delight that the management and medalists of Nigerian Tulip International Colleges, Abuja branch honoured the invitation by the Federal Minister of Science and Technology,  at the ministry’s headquarter in Abuja on the 15th of May, 2018.

Impressed by the performance of one of our students in NTIC Abuja Boys, Odedairo Oluwaferanmi who won Bronze medals for Nigeria at World Mathematics Team Championship, Thailand and International Geometry Olympian Iran recently, NTIC was invited by the Federal Minister of Science and Technology, Dr Ogbonnaya Onu to be acknowledged for making Nigeria proud at global academic arena.

Odedairo emerged overall first position in Nigeria in the 2017 American Mathematics Competition and was enlisted into AMC hall of fame having gained top 5% in the world at the competition.

Accompanied by other medalist just from Abuja schools who have won a total of 62 medals at International competitions this session, the Minister received our students with warmth and enthusiasm. He congratulated all NTIC students across branches for making not just themselves and the school but the nation at large proud.

In a statement by the minister, Dr Ogbonnaya Onu; “the future of Nigeria depends on young people. To take Nigeria to enviable height, it is very important that mathematics and science subjects are of great importance to them because no nation ever rose to greatness without the input of e science and technology”. Buttressing the importance of the subjects, he emphasized; “with science and technology functioning at its optimal, Nigeria will not need to import finished products anymore”

The Deputy Managing Director of NTIC, Mr. Feyzullah Bilgin added that NTIC students have won over 90 international medals just this academic session with Abuja schools alone winning 62 out of the figures. According to Mr. Feyzullah; “these students are able to make Nigeria proud because of the kind of training they have received since their early years at NTIC. What you see today is a bit of the fruit of their academic labour and hard work which are contributory efforts of the school structure and the teachers who train them”. He further added that the purpose of the competitions are geared towards inspiring students across Nigeria that they are capable of standing at shoulder length and even taller than their contemporaries in other nations of the world while impacting in them the values ingrained in cultural exchanges which they are privy to when they relate with students and teachers from other nationalities.

The Managing Director, Mr. Orhan Kertim appreciated the minister and the entire ministry for its contributions in the sector since his tenure and his efforts in encouraging Nigerian students in the area of Science and Technology. He reassured the minister and Nigerians at large that NTIC will remain committed to delivering world class education that is heavily tilted towards mathematics and sciences.


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