October 1st has always been a national day of celebration in Nigeria. This day marks Nigerian independence since 1ST October 1960. What a great movement and development in the past 59years! Nigeria is really blessed with different resources and great people.

In commemoration of Nigeria 59years of independence celebration, Nigerian Tulip International Colleges is organizing Nigerian Independence Day competition for all NTIC students across Nigeria. The aim of this competition is to celebrate with Nigerians for coming this far and also to instill creativity in students.

The Theme of this competition is ‘I love Nigeria’.  It is a painting and essay competition. The painting schedule will be organized by each NTIC schools across the country and must be completed by students in the school. Top five essays and paintings from NTIC schools will be sent to NTIC Head Office where it will be verified. The deadline for submission is October 16th, 2019 while, the declaration of results and disperser of awards to school will be done on 30th October 2019.

Students are advised to follow these criteria for the painting competition:

  • Junior students are to use 52cm X 68cm as the size of the art paper.
  • The painting could be done using crayons, colour pencils, and oil pastel
  • Use colours, charcoal, and gouache paint.
  •  Do not bend/fold/crease the painting.
  • There should be no text written on the painting


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