NTIC Alumni Wins Overall Best Graduating Student of ABU Zaria

Al-Amin Bashir-Bugaje alumni of NTIC from our Kaduna School emerges overall best graduating student of ABU Zaria out of 8,260 graduating students with a CGPA of 4.93 from the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering during the 40th convocation ceremony of the university on Saturday November 25th, 2017.

This feat has earns Al-Amin Bashir-Bugaje an automatic scholarship from NNPC to study up till his Ph.D. level in any university of his choice.

In an interview with him, Al-Amin Bashir disclosed, “I came to NTIC as a scholarship student. I enjoyed 100% scholarship throughout my stay from JSS1 to SS3.” He further stated; “NTIC has been instrumental in shaping me to the person that I am today. They created a nurturing environment to develop my potentials, a warm environment to be safe and to explore. For that, I owe an endless gratitude to them. Thank you very much for the opportunity.”

We feel honoured to be part of Al-Amin Bashir success story. It is important to note that Al-Amin Bashir was one of the beneficiaries of our Annual National Mathematical Competition which availed him the opportunity of receiving 100% scholarship throughout his stay as a student of NTIC.

We urge the gifted to step forward as we prepare for the 15th edition of Annual National Mathematics Competition scheduled for February 3rd, 2018 and let the success story begin from there.




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