NTIC Celebrates Nigeria at 58!

On the 2st of October 2018, NTIC across branches celebrated Nigeria’s 58th Independent Anniversary. NTIC YOBE BOYS honoured the Independence Day in style and glamour. Our students participated in different activities which include basketball, sack race, thug of war, egg race, long run, eating apple, catapult, chess, drinking yogurt, free kick, survivor, balloon explosion, bowling, and joint leg runners.

Lectures were staged by the Social Science Department in the assembly ground to educate the students on the history of Nigeria and other related issues. The students also engaged in activities geared towards promoting unity among themselves in form of a drama.

At NTIC Ogun, the students presented different paper presentations that were organized to promote unity and mutual understanding.

At Abuja Nursery and Primary, the birthday celebration took on another shade. In an event tagged “My Nigerian in 2016”, pupil’s creativity came alive as they drew painting and various art and innovative works to portray their dream of Nigerian in 2060.  The imaginations of our dear pupils were ignited as they dreamed in paper and pen of the Nigeria they wish to see come 2060.

NTIC Lagos branch commended this year’s celebration in grand style. It was celebrated on Friday 28th of September 2018 ahead of the Independence Day.

Kano Primary celebrated Nigeria in grand style as teachers went back in time. Dressed in colourful costumes that date decades back, the teachers had an awesome time together as they celebrated in a relaxed atmosphere. Pupils came to school in colourful traditional attires that point at one part of Nigeria or the other. The seminar was conducted to enlighten the pupils of the importance of independence and why they should work in unity as a country to uphold the independence of the country. The celebration climaxed at the cutting of cake to celebrate Nigeria.

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