NTIC Earns Global Recognition by Russian School of Mathematics

Russian School of Mathematics Foundation (RSM Foundation) awarded 3 of our students; Okezie Chidozie, Otutochi Caleb and Woli Muhammad with a certificate of “Competitive Internationally” and listed them in World Class category after participating in its online test on 5th February 2018.

The International Math Contest, a 30-minute Online Challenge based on leading maths curricula from across the world is organized by Russian School of Mathematics Foundation specifically designed to give parents insight into how their child’s math knowledge ranks globally. The competition also serves as a qualifier for the Second Round: a challenging Olympiad in the tradition of European Mathematical Olympiads with complex problems that promote a deeper level of thinking for even the most advanced students.

It is important to note that the competition was developed by math professionals with decades of experience at the Russian School of Mathematics, and our students ranked outstandingly high and earned a certificate of that endorsed them Internationally Competitive in the subject of Mathematics.

We are proud of our students’ global recognition and we wish them greater height!



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