Nigerian Tulip International Colleges is partnering with the Ministry of Youths and Sports to give athletes a 100% scholarship for their secondary school education.

This was done by the representatives of NTIC in the minister’s conference room at the MKO Abiola National Stadium, Abuja on 26th October 2019. NTIC representatives were received by the Minister of Youth and Sports Development of the federal republic of Nigeria, Mr. Dare Sunday and officials of the National Youth Games (NYG).

During the meeting, the minister said this act of service to humanity by NTIC validates the country’s strategic plans as a nation to grow sports across all board. The sports minister, Mr. Sunday Dare appreciated NTIC for its commitment towards the development of grassroots sports and the nurturing of talents.

The 10 junior athletes that were selected as beneficiaries of full scholarship training and sponsorship by the Nigerian Tulip International Colleges Sports Academy, Abuja, were all in attendance with so much enthusiasm with their heart full of joy and appreciation.

The Vice-Principal (Academics) of Nigerian Tulip International School, Bob Ushie, in his remarks, gave the minister the assurance that the academic excellence of these young athletes will be well taken care of. While they are in sports, they can also fulfil their dreams academically.

In his words, Bob said, NTIC’s aim is to turn around the sporting activity in Nigeria as it has been done on sciences; with NTIC students winning numerous international medals for Nigeria for the past 20 years. He also stated that NTIC will ensure athletes learn while they participate in sporting activities; we are pleased to award this scholarship to these athletes.

On Tuesday 30th October 2019 at 12noon, the minister, Mr Dare Sunday received the Managing Director of Nigerian Tulip International Colleges, Mr. Fevzullah Bilgin, and Mr. Enes, NTIC Sports Director and Mr Bob, NTIC Vice-principal for a partnership discussion in his office. During the meeting, Mr Fevzullah made it clear that the scholarship programme will cover through the athletes' secondary school years, starting from the class the athletes are in now. Mr. Dare showed his immense gratitude to the management of NTIC for the scholarship scheme given to the young athletes.

It is hoped that this scholarship opportunity given to athletes will give voice to the voiceless athletes, who are without help academically.


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