NTIC Soar at 2018 Mathematics without Borders

Congratulations to all our students, particularly our primary pupils who participated in the winter round of Mathematics without Borders Tournament this January 2018. 13,391 students from 26 countries took part in it and our pupils returned with 3 Gold, 7 Silver and 25 Bronze Medals and certificates of participation.

The tournament is for children among 8 – 14 years old from Bulgaria, Russia, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Indonesia and other countries.

This competition which aims at promoting the ancient science of Mathematics is composed of four rounds, with the first three rounds being held in the students’ schools or in the city partner school.

It is worthy of note two of the gold medals came from our pupils from Abuja and Kano schools.

We are optimistic that our pupils will ace the Autumn Round when the times. We congratulate our young mathematicians for such a strong start.





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