NTIC Students Makes Nigeria Proud at Cambridge University

NTIC students have done the country proud by winning several medals at The Intellectuals’ Challenge (TIC) competition held at Cambridge University, United Kingdom between 20-23th of April, 2018.

The competition saw participation from close to 1,600 students between 14 and 18 years of age from schools across 50 countries. The competition was divided into a series of team and individual challenges revolving around a central theme: “Failure: The Road to Success”.

The team challenges required students working in groups of three to compete in four different challenges in five subjects over the four days of the challenge. The categories were divided into Knowledge, Pen Down, Speech-Craft, and Team Spirit challenges under broader subject categories of Social Studies, Art & Design, Literature & Culture, Science & Technology and Economics & Business. On the other hand, individual challenges called upon participants to showcase their skills in any of the four categories that were Creative Writing, Short Film, Photography and Painting.

To much delight, NTIC students from Abuja Girls and Co-ed section shone in both the team and individual competitions, winning a total of 30 Medals and a trophy; 5 Gold, 11 Silver and 14 Bronze Medals.

Through sheer hard work and resolve students from NTIC showcased their superior skills in creativity, academic prowess and teamwork.

It is indeed heartening to see young individuals from NTIC going head to head with their counterparts from much countries having more sophisticated, reformed and progressive education systems and still leaving a mark with their performance. The students, their supervising teachers, parents and the school deserve not only accolades, but thanks for providing an enabling environment for these young champions to shine.



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