Summer Challenges to Consider

Some of us baulk at the thought of the word ‘challenge’ but come to think of it, challenges fuel our passion anew and help us discover nuance of our lives that we never thought possible.

Below are challenges combed out for you to consider this summer.

Feed your Passion

Whether a student or a teacher, summer breaks give you considerable time to grow your interest, hone your skills and put it in good use. So go ahead and engage your time with that interest and passion of yours that you have been pressed to time to achieve.

Stay Active

It is very easy to lapse into idle mode when you are on summer break but stay active to boost your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. Get active with activities, volunteer or get a job, just stay productively active.


Sometimes we can get swamped with school activities and work and starve our relationships. Use this summer to reconnect with your family by spending quality time together, reconnect with your friends, neighbours and of course make new friends.

Do Something New

This is a very good challenge that you will really love. Doing something new may be as mundane as learning how to make a new recipe, how to play basketball, how to swim, excising daily, and visiting a new place. Whatever this means to you, use this summer to do something that was not in your routine and you be glad you did.

Grow Spiritually

Your spiritual life matters so much and activities can sometimes get us low spiritually so take the challenge to grow your spiritual life and develop a closer relationship with God.

Take a challenge and make this summer count! 

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