World Scholars Cup Preparation Tips

Being the first ever to be hosted in Nigeria and just 12 days away, we are aware that most students who will be participating in World Scholars Cup Competition, an all-inclusive and unique competition meant for scholars may need some tips as they tie up the knots in their preparation.

Here are important tips and skills to keep in mind as you prepare;

Practice Team Debate

Part of the activity of the event is team debate and so you will need to start practicing now with colleagues and friends. Always remember that debate is your chance to apply all that you have learned to make the strongest case you can. And win or not, after each debate, you will give the other team feedback on how to improve.

Team Work

Yes team work may be cumbersome but it is a great skill to practice as you prepare for WSC because almost all activities will involve working in teams. The earlier you learn to get along working in teams, the better.


As you prepare, work with dedicated teachers to explore and research on global issues from this year's theme and beyond. Begin to research on this year’s theme: An Unlikely World and draw out various points that you can argue on or against concerning an Unlikely World and what makes the world likely or unlikely.

Collaborative/Persuasive Writing

This is another important skill you need at WSC. Begin to practice how to debate with your pen. You will be given three statements, each from a different subject and you’ll be asked to choose one to argue for or against. You will be given 30 minutes to prepare with your team mates then an hour by yourself to compose the most persuasive essay possible, then 15 more minutes to work together at the end. Here is the catch: each member of your team has to choose a different topic.


Public Speaking

Most people have phobia for crowd so should you have such; this is the right time to begin to practice public speaking and how to stand before crowd. Start by practicing with your group of friends, classroom, and gradually, you will overcome the phobia.

Above all, be ready to learn new skills; acquire new knowledge and meet new friends at this edition of World Scholars Cup, the first to be hosted on Nigeria.


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