Nigerian Tulip International college dormitories go beyond a bed, room and meal plan, typical components of any boarding setting. Rather, we are a youth development program focused squarely on boarders’ self-improvement. We provide a safe, active, and inclusive living environment where students strengthen their life skills in order to succeed in school and mature into responsible global citizens. 
At Nigerian Tulip International college, we believe that learning continues long after the end of the school day. While relaxation after class is indeed important, students’ time living here represents a priceless chance to get involved and to grow through everyday challenges. Our boarders gain structured experiences in order to practice self-reliance, prepare for post-secondary studies.
The dormitories are safe and supervised at all times. Supervisors reside in the dormitories. They are visible, available, and approachable for students. Supervisors are responsible for the well-being of residents and the implementation of dormitory policies.
The number of pupils in the rooms is 6 to 10 and the rooms have ACs and quality bunks and lockers. The rooms are kept neat and tidy to promote a healthy environment.