Sport plays an integral role in the life and education of students at Nigerian Tulip International college. It involves building up the body and mental capacity of the students. Nigerian Tulip International college cater to all levels of ability. Every student is encouraged to participate in team games to develop their physical competence, teamwork and confidence in a competitive environment. Most of the sports practiced within the school have their own clubs for members to gather, discuss, improve their skills and organise sporting events.
NTIC has football fields, basketball and tennis courts, fitness and chess centres, where students interact and develop their skills. Our students also participate in self defence based sports such as taekwondo, to help them develop self discipline and confidence. Students can also participate in indoor sports such as chess and scrabble.
For the sake of championship drills, the school organizes intra-class, inter-­class and inter-­school competitions for soccer and other games. The school teams have been significantly successful in various tournaments. Below is a list of some of the sports practiced in the school:
  • Basketball 
  • Soccer 
  • Chess 
  • Table tennis etc