TEDxNTIC is being organized by a community of young, passionate, self-driven enthusiasts that envision a diverse, inclusive, and sustainable future where innovative ideas and new skills can be developed for the betterment of their society. They have a mission to showcase unique voices and welcome great thinkers, doers, visionaries, and professionals from all walks of life. Their goal is to create a unique platform where ideas, challenges and breakthroughs can be shared – free from political, ethnic socio-cultural and religious bias. In their pursuit to achieving this goal, they have taken up the responsibility to show case the vitality, rich cultural heritage and unparalleled hospitable nature of NTIC. They are committed to build a community through real multi-disciplinary dialogue in a bid to create sustainable future.

Erdal Yilmaz

Ridwan Adeniyi

Oluwatobi Oyelowo

Gambo Suleiman

Anas Imam Wajiya

Adekunle Rufai

This independent TEDx event is operated under license from TED. | Copyright © 2023 TEDxNTIC

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