TEDxNTIC is an independently organized TED event to be held in NTIC, Abuja. It is one of its kind that will bring together some of the brightest thinkers and doers from around Nigeria and the rest of the world to gather, connect, and establish collaboration to develop a blueprint on how to make great ideas have big impacts in areas of governance, business, education, health, economy entrepreneurship and innovation among others.


As we set out to change these narratives, we need to think about how to lay the grounds for a new, sustainable, inclusive and resilient society. In what direction should we go? How can we rebuild close relationships as well as global relations to leave a better world behind? The situation calls for all of us to become architects to co-create this future. We can all take our own tool of talent, a brick of hope, and contribute to change. Joining TEDxNTIC 2023 might be an excellent foundation.


Our 2023 conference is a hybrid event featuring high-profile speakers from all across the country as they tell their stories of ‘Ignite’. Check out our individual speaker announcement posts on our social media pages for more information about all our speakers.

This independent TEDx event is operated under license from TED. | Copyright © 2023 TEDxNTIC

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