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All prospective students must first complete an application form obtained from either Admission Office or Secretary Office or online. The completed application form and other documents specified by the school should be returned to the school.

Each application is for one prospective student only. After Filling out the Entrance Application Form, you will be given an Examination Card indicating the candidate’s exam number.

We hope that parents would co-operate with us to groom mature ladies and gentlemen for the next phase of their lives. After receiving the completed application form and exam results, our admissions committee will review the application following our admissions criteria. The admissions criteria include:


  Applicants must not be less than 3years of age to gain admission into the Nursery section.

  Nursery school students must have outgrown the usage of diapers.

  The child must be physically fit.

   The placement test result must be satisfactory.

  Previous school records are taken into consideration.

  Prospective student birth certificate or International passport must be produced.


  Admissions are available for students in jss1-sss2.

  Applicants must have turned 11 years old by August of the entry year.

  Boarding house applicants must be mature enough to take good care of themselves, perform the normal daily routine, and still face their studies squarely.

  Results of the Mathematics, English language and Aptitude test must be satisfactory.

  Previous school records are taken cognizance of.


 NTIC Cambridge School admits students from age 10 to 18years

 We admit to the following :

      • Cambridge lower secondary
      • Cambridge IGSCE
      • Cambridge International AS & A-level

 Previous school records are taken into cognizance.

 Placement test results must be satisfactory.

  Students will be invited for oral interviews. 

Parents and their child(ren) or ward may or may not be invited for an interview and placement assessment based on the outcome of the exam result. Check your interview date and time against your name on the result page if you are qualified. After the interview, families will be given a PRE-REGISTRATION CARD where a deadline is indicated concerning the first payment of the school fee. After claiming the teller for the pre-registration, families will be given an offer of admission letter, with an acceptance of offer letter and a parent’s contact form attached, which is to be filled

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