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Isaiah Onekutu

HOD Chemistry

The department seeks to bring new ideals, innovations and techniques in the world of chemistry which in turn fosters excellence in the students of NTIC.

To reach this goals, the department:

  • Organizes teachers’ workshops and seminars where we discuss new skills and advancement in the field of chemistry.
  • Organizes Chemistry week to demonstrate and exhibit their skills in chemistry
  • Stimulates students’ critical thinking to provide solutions to environmental challenges through innovations
  • Prepares the students for national and international competitions, international Olympiads and project-based competitions in Chemistry.

Olusola A Kehinde

HOD Mathematics

Mathematics is the science of structure, order, and relation that has evolved from elemental practices of counting, measuring, and describing the shapes of objects.

Mathematics department develops the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to pursue all of these elemental practices. It helps to develop mathematical curiosity with the use of inductive and deductive reasoning within students and staff of the department. It also helps students to be confident in using mathematics to analyze and solve problems both in school and in real-life situations.

Above all, it assists in planning, organizing, and supervising departmental visits and workshops geared towards equipping teachers with 21st century skills on broad set of knowledge, skills, work habits and character traits.

Mustafa Aksu

HOD Turkish Language

We are working to improve Turkish language teaching skills in Nigeria and preparing our students for language festivals in Nigeria, International Turkish Language Olympiads in Turkey, which is now being hosted in other countries like Germany, Ethiopia, Romania etc. since 2014. These competitions also allow us to promote the Nigerian culture also in the international arena. With our lessons, we also aim to learn and understand each other’s cultures and more

Aliyu Muhammad

HOD Biology

Biology department’s mission in NTIC is to excel in the inculcation of biological knowledge in our students, both in theory and practice. To do this, the department seeks to provide instruction, experimental and observational laboratory experience, hands on activities, and research opportunities for students.

Our aim is to instill the love of life and living things in our students heats, and also prepare them for their further studies in academia and professional studies by using modern scientific instruments.  

To reach its goals, the department trains and develops teachers by organizing workshops and seminars for them. We also engage our students by involving them in annual science fairs, preparing them for biology week, and arranging filed trips and other platforms which prepare the them for national and international competitions. This helps the department archive unique resources for our students for future references.

Aibek Baieshov

HOD Physics

The goal of our department is to give our students a fundamental knowledge of physics. We use the lesson to instill their interest in learning and also help them master the 21st-century skills and how also teach them how to apply the knowledge in real-life situations,

In addition, our department organizes competitions for students and teachers every quarter to keep their minds keen and active at all times. The very gifted students are specially trained and enrolled in various Olympiads competitions which have been a source of laurels to both the students and their families.

We organize educational programs mentioned above and other extra-curricular camps and excursion to stimulate our students’ minds towards academic excellence.

Erdal Katan

HOD Computer

Our multidisciplinary programmes encourage students to be at the forefront of learning new technologies that are changing the ways humans perceive, think, and communicate. Each student has a dedicated computer for use during lab sessions in our modern computer labs to put theory into practice.

The department prepares its students for the ICDL (International Computer Driver License) and many other international competitions. The department also operate clubs on Robotics, 3D modeling and animation, Graphic and Web Design etc. to bring a life-like computer experience into their mental and psychological awareness.

Adekunle Rufai

HOD English & Literature

The overall mission of the department is to promote literacy – specifically the ability to read, write and think critically. The mission also includes the fostering of such technological literacy as information retrieval, research and communication, and digital literacy which fuses electronic gadgets and internet into academic exercises.

The department is poised to train language students to gather, analyze, brainstorm and draw independent and effective conclusions from any given precept or premise in a productive communicative atmosphere.

In this department, seasoned English language and literature teachers believe in the power of constructivism in learning where students engage more in classroom activities through promoting students centered learning rather than just theoretical proposition and abstract knowledge acquisition.

Fesogun Ganiyu Olanrewaju

HOD Social Sciences

Social Studies is an integrated study of multiple fields of social science and the humanities. This is the study of people in relation to each other and the society. Social studies comprises of the following issue-focused and inquiry-based interdisciplinary subjects such as Government, History, Tourism, Civic Education, National Values, and Geography.

The focus of the teaching of Social Studies is to groom an ‘active global citizen’ who will be able to cooperate and work together with fellow citizens to solve world diverse problems using their Social Studies knowledge and understanding and also to contribute to a better society in proactive and decisive ways.

Our primary objective in Social Studies Department is to groom well-educated future global leaders who would work together and take practical actions to tackle and address issues in their schools, local communities, countries, and the world at large. Thus, our vision is to breed “Global Peace Ambassadors” through our integrated and experience teaching staff who leave no stone unturned to accomplish this lofty objective. 

Abdul’ Abiodun Ibrahim

HOD Economics

The department is poised to train all-round students who are well grounded in global economic phenomena and at the same time have the needed skills to face those challenges therein given the basic tools of economics.


Our goal is to develop sets of students who will be able to transform the hypothesized knowledge of Economics into reality for wholistic transformation of their communities in particular and nation at large.

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