The Right Environment For Learning



The achievements and successes of Nigerian Tulip International Colleges (NTIC) since its inception in 1998 has attracted the attention of people all over the world. The school was founded with the vision of providing appropriate and adequate curricular and functional science oriented education of international standard. Since its inception in 1998, Nigerian Tulip has always believed in the abundance of talents available in students and has always remained focused by striving selflessly to bring these talented students to limelight.

A growing child, most especially an adolescent, needs extra- curricular activities to grow into a well – rounded individual. And Nigerian Tulip International school has not relented in this regard and that is why the school initiated club activities for the students. Each student is expected to develop her God – given talent by joining a club where she can excel.

A club is an association of two or more people united by a common interest or goal. Clubs are devoted to hobbies, sports and social activities. Hobbies are practiced for interest and enjoyment. Engaging in a hobby can lead to acquiring substantial skill, knowledge and experience. However, personal fulfillment is the aim.

Some of these clubs in our schools are: the press – drama club, whose goal is to develop its club members’ fluency in speech, communication skills and acting abilities .Members are trained to have self confidence and self fulfillment. Moreover, the school has dialogue club which aims at sensitizing people on peaceful co-existence and harmony.

Apart from the aforementioned clubs, other clubs in the school are organized around competitive games and activities. These are the guitar club which aims at training students with musical ability to excel in playing guitar and violin. Also, the school has fitness club for physical fitness of club members. Sewing club also aims at training members on how to sew. Other clubs are cake design club, 3 dimensional origami clubs and the design club. All these clubs are handled by well trained professional Nigerian and expatriate teachers.

Nigerian Tulip School is indeed the right environment for learning. And as the saying goes ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’. Thus, students in Nigerian Tulip School are given the time to play and develop their talents to the fullest as their psychomotor domain is x-rayed.

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