The Right Environment For Learning


As a science-oriented, full-fledged and government-approved secondary school, NTIC emphasizes teaching science subjects: Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics. Nigerian Tulip International school applies the Nigerian education curriculum designed by the NEDRDC, which is compatible with an international-oriented curriculum.

Details of the structure of education are listed below:


  • Nursery school education of 2 years
  • Primary school education of 6 years
  • Secondary school education of 6 years;
  • 3 years of Junior Secondary education
  • 3 years of secondary school education where students have a choice between:
  • Science class 
  • and Art class

This 20th ANMC guidebook was revised on 25th October 2022 henceforth, the old edition of the 20th ANMC guidebook ceased to be valid. The general public is hereby advised to use this updated guidebook from now on.

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