The Right Environment For Learning


Life skills lessons was introduced to SS1 & SS2
students in the 2020-2021 academic session. It is
expected that our students recognise their skills
and have new interests in different fields through
these lessons.
The purpose of school is to get young minds
ready for the real world. Aside from curriculum,
the life skills that are taught enable the students
to flourish as adults. They find themselves quick
to handle the various stages of life after they

The school and the real world are often depicted as opposites; where the school is shown as a place of acceptance and rewards, while the real world is described as something tough to navigate. In school, there are certain skills learnt that are transferred over into real life such as critical thinking and communication skills. These skills enable students to take action in areas that will bring about growth and development to the community involved.
In this session, students visited IDP camps, orphanages, public schools, and engaged in several philanthropic activities. All
these were done according to the following teams:

Education Team

Orphanage Team

Class Decoration Team

Health Team

Charity Team

Press Team

Climate Change Team

Road Safety Team

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