With more than 3200 NTIC alumni, the NTIC Alumni Association, which was founded by graduates in 2005, has a robust network of graduates. We provide valuable benefits and programmes that let our members tap into this vast network and stay connected to one  another.
The Alumni Association of the Nigerian Tulip International Colleges is an independent, worldwide organization that nurtures lifelong relationships with and among current and future NTIC alumni.
As a committed partner of the colleges, the Association offers programmes of relevance and service to alumni and creates support for the current and graduated students. Through committees, regional activities, college involvement, alumni events, programmes, benefits, and services, the Alumni Association promotes the welfare of alumni and NTIC colleges. Underlying all that we do is the belief in the value of education to the well being of society, and a commitment to integrity, diversity, and service.
In Nigeria, we have members almost in all states. Alumni department visit them twice in a year at their present educational environments. Some still continue their university education, while some have already finished their schools and got employed in private and government institutions.
The NTIC Alumni Association is one that spans many countries. There are currently over 1,300 members who reside in over 20 countries across the globe. As NTIC Alumni Association, we also try to visit them in their various countries every year.
NTIC Alumni Association helps and supports their alumni to be employed in reputable institutions in Nigeria and abroad.
In addition to the activities mentioned above, the Alumni Association at each branch of NTIC, organizes career programmes, barbeque parties, football tournaments, and family visits during summer holidays.
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