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Happiness is to love what you have, Not to have what you love.

Various brand of nigerian and international beverages are available.

Noodles, Meat pie, Shawarma, Buger and other fast food is available in our canteen. 

Apple, Oranges, Banana  are available for our students.

Nigerian Tulip International College realizes a balanced diet full of nutritional values is essential to the cognitive and physiological development of a child, warranting an emphasis on the quality and quantity of the food served to its students. NTIC has a neat spacious well designed modern dining hall.The seats and tables are well organized according to each class. 
We improve the well-being of our students by preparing fresh, delicious and nutritious meals they love and build sharp minds and strong bodies with a healthful, balanced approach to school dining. Our dining service serves local, cultural dishes and international dishes, cooked in our  hygienic kitchen by a team of professional cooks headed by a  top Chef brought in from Turkey. They ensure the foods being served meet the standard required for a balanced nutritious and attractive meal.
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