Discipline Model


Mr. Godday Ohiomero

Discipline Master

The Nigerian Tulip International College (NTIC) aims to provide quality education and produce intelligent, responsible and well-disciplined young adults of whom the nation will be proud. To achieve these, we aim to help individual students develop their abilities, talents and characters to the fullest and strongest and always hope to respond to the needs of everyone.
It is in the bid to guide students to live peacefully in our community where rules and regulations are followed, as no society can live or work efficiently without regulations. To this end, it is mandatory that students of NTIC read and adhere to the rules and regulations of the college as prescribed in the School Handbook. Thus, students must realize this important aspect of their education by learning to live as a community member.
In addition, parents and guardians must read, understand and recognize the college rules and regulations to assist the authorities in instilling the ideals of the college in their children at all times.
The Principal, Vice-Principals, The House Master and The Discipline Master ensure that these rules and regulations are read and explained to students to intimate them of the school’s disciplinary policy and procedures.

  1. Always be in possession of your identity card in and outside of the school premises.
  2. Be punctual and regular to morning assembly, classes and other school activities. In the event of inability to adhere to this rule, a formal report should be made to the Vice-Principals, the administrative officer or any authorized person(s).
  3. Always follow the proper channel of communication by first reporting to a Prefect, Class Teacher, House Master, Administrative Officer, Discipline Master or any other person as may be determined by the authorities. 
  4. Always seek your Class Teacher or House master’s advice whenever in doubt.
  5. Always use proper and decent language.
  6. Be courteous and polite both in and outside the school.
  7. Be honest at all times.
  8. Obey the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, respect her moral values and act as exemplary persons to other students in particular and children in general.
  9.  Respect your management, teachers and other staff.
  10.  Love, appreciate and respect your schoolmates.
  11.  Protect school properties.
  12. Work hard to make utmost use of your time.
  13. Report anyone breaking the school rules and regulations.
  1.  Do not alter any official document like report sheets or bills originating from or meant for the school.
  2. Do not bring any firearms, ammunition or any dangerous weapon objects to the school.
  3. Do not bring cigarettes or alcohol to school. It is strictly forbidden smoke or consume alcohol in the school.
  4. Do not use slang, abusive or indecent language at any time.
  5. Do not indulge in cruel or indecent acts.
  6. Do not throw waste paper or other refuse anywhere except in the bin provided.
  7. No visitors are expected in school except on visiting days.
  8. Do not write anonymous letters.
  9. Do not argue or fight against any of the instructors/staff under any circumstances.
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