The Right Environment For Learning

With a robust network of graduates, the NTIC Alumni Relations Office provides valuable benefits to its members which let the alumni tap into this vast network and stay connected to one another.

The Alumni Relations Office nurtures lifelong relationships with and among current and future NTIC alumni and promotes the welfare of the alumni.

The Alumni Relations Office:
• organizes social responsibility projects with NTIC graduates
• generates activities and programmes to maintain the relationships.
• organizes online and physical capacity building seminars and courses for alumni
• makes informational programs with the families of the graduates
• visits NTIC graduates
• ensures constant relationship and follow-up with graduates in diaspora
• organizes annual reunions, competitions, and other collective programs
• organizes career programmes, barbeque parties, football tournaments, and family visits during summer holidays.

Our Alumni association comprises ex-students Excelling all over the world.

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