The Right Environment For Learning

Hakan Tokdemir

Guidance Counsellor

At NTIC, the Guidance and counseling unit engages in all activities (Academic and extracurricular) that may help individual students discover and develop their educational, vocational, social, and psychological potentialities and achieve an optimal level of personal happiness and social usefulness. The unit complements the efforts of the school management in molding characters and using the tools; ‘love and tolerance’ to explore a good character in the students. At NTIC, the Guidance and counseling department, we produce a generation of self-reliant, respected, and morally upright individuals that will make a better world.

The department works as a team of guidance teachers who care for and take responsibility for their students’ moral and academic well-being.

The department is also saddled with crying out one-on-one counseling of students, academic excursion within and outside the country, home visiting, and other social activities like birthday celebrations and picnics. For instance, one-on-one counseling aims to diagnose the problem and find lasting solutions that are acceptable to both student and their parents.

This 20th ANMC guidebook was revised on 25th October 2022 henceforth, the old edition of the 20th ANMC guidebook ceased to be valid. The general public is hereby advised to use this updated guidebook from now on.

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